Our Philosophy

At Sullivan Financial Group, we believe entirely in the power of individual choice, the same power that founded our firm!

Sullivan Financial Group provides investors an alternative to the traditional Wall Street options. Today, there are more choices available to more investors than ever before, however, there are inherent flaws in the traditional Wall Street system. The big-name firms have their own self interests at heart. We think someone should have yours.

We believe in doing business the right way.

  • Our approach is relationship-based, not transaction-based. Therefore, we are better able to tailor the investment process and fit our recommendations to the specific needs of each client. The expertise we provide in the areas of investment and retirement planning involves the design and funding of both qualified and nonqualified retirement plans. 
  • An initial consultation is our first step. Before we are engaged in a relationship with any client, we first determine the need for and usefulness of our services. In any successful consulting or advisory relationship, the value proposition must be clear and well-established. This process involves a detailed review of your current financial goals, plans, and present situation. In addition, we will analyze the efficiency of your current investment portfolio, its asset allocation, and its performance.
  • We empower clients to feel confident about their decisions. You don't have to know the difference between a stock and a bond when you come to see us. We're happy to explain it to you if you're curious. If you're not, that's all right, too. Some clients want to take a hands-on role in the investment process; others want nothing to do with it. Either way, our goal is to make sure you sleep easily at night, secure in the knowledge that your money is working effectively for you.